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Peja Patriarchate

The Patriarchate of Peja is located at the entrance to the Rugova gorge near Peja. The Holy Temple of the Apostles was built by Archbishop Arsenije in the third decade of the XIII century. In the XIV century minor changes were made to the Church of the Holy Apostles, so some parts were decorated later. Serbian patriarchs and archbishops were buried in the churches of the Patriarchate from the XIIIth to the XVIIth century. In the XIX century a watermill, a guesthouse and new stone walls were added outside this complex. In July 2006, UNESCO declared the Patriarchate of Peja a part of the world cultural heritage, giving it the 13th place. In turn, on July 13, 2003, the Patriarchate of Peja was included in UNESCO’s list of world protected properties. Based on its historical, artistic, social and spiritual values, the Patriarchate of Peja, a cultural heritage property, was declared under eternal protection by the Kosovo Cultural Heritage Council in 2016.