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Gracanica Monastery


It is located in the center of Gracanica. The present monastery is a reconstruction of a fourteenth-century church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built on the foundations of an early Christian basilica from the VI century. The greatest restoration of the monastery took place towards the end of the 16th century, when all the openings in the outer narthex were walled up and new frescoes were painted. The famous Thessaloniki painters Mihajli and Evtihije completed the frescoes in the main church in 1321, the best known of which are The Great Cycle of Celebrations and The Difficulties and Miracles of Christ. The interior of the monastery is rich in frescoes. The Gracanica Monastery is part of the world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. Based on its historical, artistic, social and spiritual values, the Monastery of Graçanica, a cultural heritage property, was declared under eternal protection by the Kosovo Cultural Heritage Council in 2016.