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List of Cultural Heritage Properties for Permanent Protection

On 10.10.2016, the Kosovo Cultural Heritage Council approved the List of Cultural Heritage Properties for Permanent Protection, prepared as a result of the consideration of proposals for granting cultural heritage status to certain properties.

The 23 cultural heritage assets included in this approved list are as follows:

1. Church of St. Friday (Levisha Church)

2. Dechan Monastery

3. Graqanica Monastery

4. Silk Pakrikhanesi

5. King Mosque

6. Residential building (former Academy of Science and Arts)

7. Residential building (IMMK)

8. Ethnological Museum Residential Complex (Emin Gjiku)

9. Hadım Aga Mosque Complex

10. Haci Zekë Tower (Yasar Pasha’s Albanian Tower)

11. Sinan Pasha Mosque

12. Hydroelectric Power Plant-Electroeconomy Museum

13. Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hamam

14. Church and Primary School in Albanian language

15. Old Castle

16. Harilaq Fort

17. Municipium Ulpiana-Justinia Secunda

18. “Town” Archaeological Site

19. Prizren Castle

20. “Great Plain and Mound” Archaeological Site

21. Veletin – fortified city in Shashkoc

22. Ruins of Korisha Fortress

23. Late Antiquity Fortress at Keqekolla